Our professional team of therapists offer a wide range of techniques and specialties that aid in individual, family, and couples sessions. A unique and individualized treatment plan will be devised upon your initial intake session in order to explore your personal clinical needs and aid in setting up an appointment with the therapist that is most appropriate to your needs. We understand that you are ready to make the necessary life changes, today. We offer flexible schedules and can have you come in for an appointment within a week.

Inspirational Healing And Change

Psychopharmacology – Medication Management

Psychiatric medication management is explored with the patients, their primary care physician, and family members when applicable. Potential risks, benefits, and alternative treatment options are carefully discussed and monitored in order to optimize care. Treatment plans encompass the use of genetic testing to zero in on specific medication that coincides with the individual on a chemical level, lowering the risk of side effects. Closely monitoring lab work, nonpsychiatric medication, as well as changing overall lifestyle is part of the holistic treatment approach. We currently offer Suboxone and Vivitrol treatment as well.

Addiction Care

We utilize the newest approaches to recovery and wellness, combining traditional medication management with motivational interviewing, positive psychology, and holistic self-care (mind/body work, nutritional guidance, meditation/yoga, SMART recovery, process groups.

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Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis in combination with therapy is a wonderful and effective way to treat anxiety and stress, depression, PTSD and trauma resolution, addictive behavior, smoking cessation, weight loss, concentration difficulties, test anxiety, and learning disorders, as well as gastrointestinal and sleep disorders, acute/chronic pain management, headaches, and other physical/mental health conditions!

Groups & Workshops

Group therapy and workshops are a wonderful way to assist you in dealing with issues that affect your daily life in a supportive, positive, and nurturing setting. The groups are led by our clinicians and assist in helping clients learn, heal, and build support networks. Groups are offered in person and online. Please check with our “Events” section for more information about upcoming groups/workshops.

Chiropractic Care

Manual techniques are used in order to restore a healthy balance in muscles, joints, and nerves. In office therapy includes manipulation, therapeutic massage, ultrasound, light therapy, stretching, and physical therapy. A specialty of chiropractic care, called Flaction Distraction, is used which helps alleviate acute and chronic disk pain, including sciatica. Chiropractic care is beneficial in treating conditions such as: neck/back pain, headaches, whiplash, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, as well as other bodily dysfunctions. By eliminating physical ailments and discomfort, one is able to begin healing the psychological state with few distractions.

Nutritional Counseling

A nutritional consultation includes a discussed of current food intake/activity levels, as well as a discussion of current blood work. Treatment plan includes healthy lifestyle changes, food, spices, and supplement recommendations, recipes and food/mood/activity logs. Recommended for weight loss, cleansing of toxins in the body, elimination of excitotoxins which induce cravings and become addictive and cause neurological damage.

Wellness & Holistic therapies

There are numerous benefits of incorporating ancient wisdom and holistic therapies into your daily life. We offer hypnosis, guided imagery, and meditation. When applicable, we utilize aromatherapy, restorative yoga, herbs, homeopathy, spiritual counseling and chakra cleansing.

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