Benefits of Visiting a Meditation Center

Many people have heard that meditating can ease the mind and calm the body, but few people really understand the full list of benefits that go along with visiting a meditation center. From improving overall health to reducing pain, meditating is … Continued

Visit a Chiropractor for Help with Hip Pain

A chiropractor can help someone who is suffering from pain in their hips. Hip pain can make it difficult to do normal daily activities like walk, run, bend down to pick something up and sit in a chair comfortably. Unfortunately, … Continued

Types of Medicine Promoted in Our Wellness Clinic

A wellness clinic can provide you with the healing you need no matter what your ailment may be. With a variety of medical services such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, holistic healing and functional medicine there is a route to wellness … Continued

Find Out if Hypnotherapy is Right for You

Hypnotherapy can be an effective way to treat a variety of problems. We often recommend it in combination with other medical treatment. However, since hypnotherapy is an alternative solution, we have found that many patients are hesitant to give it … Continued

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Hypnotherapy may be the best route to make lasting change in your life. While being hypnotized is an unsettling thought to some people, it is actually an effective and safe solution when hard lifestyle changes are at hand. If you … Continued

There Are Many Types of Alternative Medicine for Joint Pain

As a provider of alternative medicine, we help a lot of people who are suffering from joint pain that is caused by arthritis, neuropathy or swelling. Many adults suffer from joint pain as they age. The causes are diverse and … Continued

Visit Our Wellness Center to Discuss How Nutrition Impacts Your Health

Visit our wellness center to improve your health and change your life. Being healthy is something that most people take for granted. When a person becomes ill with a cold, the flu or begins to feel sluggish, there is a … Continued

Why You Should visit Lotus Wellness Center, a Palatine Chiropractor, for Back Pain Treatment

A chiropractor is uniquely poised to offer a back pain treatment. This is because chiropractic centers around improving and maintaining the health of the spine. Remember that spinal health is critical for overall health because the spine is the superhighway … Continued

Schedule an Addiction Treatment and Start 2018 Off Right

2017 is almost over, and it is time to consider creating a fresh start with an addiction treatment. Each year there is an opportunity to begin again. As one year closes, it is both a physical and symbolic changing of … Continued

Five Effective Ways to Overcoming your Fears!

Overcoming fears might appear simple in concept, but actual application of these techniques are never easy, especially for the person directly involved. Depending on the intensity of the fear, some people might be able to confront it themselves while others … Continued