I Am Paulina Stephens


About Me

I have been in practice since 2012 and specialize in treating a broad spectrum of Anxiety Disorders including OCD, PTSD, social anxiety, panic attacks, specific phobias/fears and generalized anxiety/worry. I also have extensive experience in treating depression along with other mood disorders, along with substance use disorders.

I utilize Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused, Person Centered Therapy along with Exposure and Response Prevention, to help my clients achieve a deeper understanding of their thoughts, feelings, behaviors along with achieving an overall sense of well being and a greater sense of self confidence through a multi-faceted, holistic approach.

No one goes through this life without encountering difficulties. Whether you are going through a challenging life transition or struggling with a chronic issue, I am here to help you learn more effective coping skills as you evolve on your life journey. It is not easy to ask for help, but it is often the first step to a deeper self-reflection and acceptance.

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