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Meet the Team

Dr. Aleksandr Dekhtyar, Psychiatrist
Dr. Leo Gerdov, Chiropractor

Call Leo directly at 630-988-5364

Tangee Moscoso, Nurse Practitioner

Our Wonderful Counselors

Liana Gerdov, MA, NCC, LCPC
Pre-Doctoral Intern – Clinical Psychology

verified by Psychology Today
     Liana Gerdov
Paulina Stephens, MA, NCC, LCPC
verified by Psychology Today


Nicholas Zajak, MA, LPC
Renata Drukh, MA, LCPC
Clarice LaFrance, RN, LCPC, CADC
Andrew Zeien, MA, NCC, LPC
Tricia James, LCSW
Jackie Bobinski, MA Counseling Intern